Getting there (from Klosters)


CH1903: 798'460 / 192'540

WGS 84 (lat/lon): 46.85441, 10.04144 (46°51′15.871″N 10°02′29.174″E)


  • from Alp Garfiun approx. 4.5 hours 
  • from Klosters Monbiel approx. 5.5 hours

Normal route: Winter ascent through “Galtürtälli” is marked from Alp Sardasca.


  • from Klosters Monbiel parking lot approx. 4.5 hours

  • from Alp Sardasca (new path through “Galtürtälli”) approx. 2.5 hours

  • from Alp Sardasca (normal route, old mule trail) approx. 2 hours 

A part by Taxi

To shorten the ascent “Gotschnataxi” provides a shuttle service. This 20-minutes bus ride takes you from Klosters to Alp Sardasca in summer and to Alp Garfiun in winter. Book the Gotschnataxi in advance by calling +41 (0)76 377 77 66 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You’ll find the current timetable here.

A part by bike

A gravel road leads from Klosters to the Alp Sardasca. You can easily cover this distance by mountain bike or electric bike. At Alp Sardasca there is a bicycle stable, a former stable compartment that was specially equipped for bicycles. Just bring your own bike lock. 

Local bus: Train station Klosters Platz – Monbiel car park

From the train station Klosters Platz the local bus (line 2) takes you to the parking lot at the end of the village of Monbiel, where the hut ascent begins. This line runs at least once an hour. You can find the current timetable here. 

Parking spaces

In Klosters there are countless parking possibilities. At the end of the village Monbiel you will find a paid parking lot. Parking fees can be paid at the parking meter by credit card. Multi-day parking tickets can also be purchased: 1 hour = CHF 1.00 / 3 days = CHF 30.00 / 4-8 days = CHF 40.00 / 9-15 days = CHF 60.00

Attention: Due to snow removal, night parking is prohibited during the winter months.
During the summer months there are free parking spaces at the Madrisa mountain railways.